Juju’s Journey Oncologist Interview #1 — Dr. Amit Sabnis, UCSF


As part of our commitment to explore how we can make a difference in promoting pediatric cancer research outcomes, we visited with three pediatric oncologists, each of whom are directly involved in planning and conducting pediatric cancer research.

The first of these interviews is with Dr. Amit Sabnis, of UCSF School of Medicine and the Benioff Children’s Hospital.  Of note, Dr. Sabnis has kindly supported our family since well before our return to the US to pursue additional treatment for Juliet, and then served as our UCSF oncologist.  He has continued to support us as an advisor to Juju’s Journey and is also a St. Baldrick’s Foundation Fellow.

The Interview is presented in three sections (also viewable in our video gallery):

Interview, Part #1 — Introduction to Dr. Amit Sabnis, his Rhabdomyosarcoma research and findings, and setting up pediatric cancer-specific studies at UCSF.

Interview, Part #2 — How private (non-profit) funding and research support enables pediatric cancer research.

Interview, Part #3 — The lab tour