Juju’s Journey Oncologist Interview #2 — Dr. Charles Keller, cc-TDI

In our second oncologist interview, we visited with Dr. Charles Keller of the Children’s Cancer Development Therapy Institute (cc-TDI) in Beaverton, Oregon.  In this session, we explore vanguard efforts in pediatric cancer research that combine various traditional scientific/laboratory disciplines with big data, robotics, and other technical areas to accelerate the leap from the lab bench to clinical studies for a therapy (i.e., referred to as ‘de-risking’ new drugs as potential cures).  Innovations are also used to radically reduce the costs of conducting core research and labwork so that private funding — the mainstay of cc-TDI and other similar organizations — is maximized.

This interview is presented in three sections (also viewable in our video gallery):

Interview, Part 1 — Introduction to Dr. Keller, cc-TDI and the Lab

Interview, Part 2 — Multidisciplinary efforts at cc-TDI

Interview, Part 3 — Dr. Keller flips the interview