(Karaoke) Challenge Accepted!

Pre-concert in Atlanta (1989 Tour), waiting for Taylor Swift!!!

Hi Everyone — We’ve had some rumblings about challenges and this is an idea we are excited about trying out.

Here is the link:  Karaoke Challenge
Challenge Funding Target: $2,000

Courtesy of Cousin Wendy (and both her friends and the good folks in Seattle…some of whom also have corporate charitable donation matching programs), Juju’s Journey has been challenged to perform a poignant Taylor Swift song in karaoke fashion.  Taylor was Juju’s absolute favorite — there are almost too many to choose from.  We humbly accept!

So, a little bit of this is tricky, as we understand that we can’t really use any of the existing music and/or actually performed work(s) of the chosen artist in anything we would subsequently publish on the JJJ YouTube account.  We have a plan and we have a solution (although we’d need a decade of voice training to be truly commercial about it…:-)