Challenge Accepted — Polar Bear Plunge!

Now that we are collecting challenges to accept, second up is: The Polar Bear Plunge!  Go to the POLAR BEAR PLUNGE CHALLENGE DONATION LINK here!

The Crew has accepted a challenge to have one of us take the polar bear plunge now that we have arrived in Barrow. (After carefully evaluating the thermal properties of the chilly Arctic waters, the guy who wears two layers and a jacket in the car has volunteered to take the icy leap!)

We will video a first member of our crew taking the polar bear plunge for $4,500 in cumulative donations. This is exciting right…but what if you are asking yourself what it would take to get another member of the crew to take the plunge? We have a number: $4,000. A third? Another $3,500. That’s a total of $12,000 – and this is something that most of really do not remotely look forward to doing (yes, just about the best cause in the world, but actually physically doing this is another matter altogether…even though it hasn’t started snowing here yet.)

Oh yeah…we don’t quite yet have a wager for Maria to take the plunge. We have the impression there are a fair number of folks out there who might really be motivated to make this happen. You know who you are…feel free to stake your wager 😉

The trick here is that we will leave Barrow on Friday morning, so the timing for this is tight to get us at the Arctic Ocean. Can you make it happen? Please use the buttons above to do your best (worst?). (Sorry…Corporate matches – while welcomed – towards this threshold do not count for this challenge. Like I said, this is genuinely not for the faint of heart…we’re seriously hoping we don’t have to do an ‘Arctic waters hypothermia-induced heart attack’ fundraiser after this program!)