Needle in the…

If we’re sifting through a haystack, then we must be in search of a proverbial needle. (Actually, I think I’d rather never be on the hunt for a needle…an absolute loathing of them being something I often commiserated about with Juliet.)  And in fact, we most certainly are…and it’s very exciting that there’s a pretty good chance that we’ve already got our hands on it!

I’m attaching a neat video that our friend Eva at Braver Stronger Smarter put together back in Year One of the Haystack Project.
Rhabdo Avengers — Needle in a Haystack Project  
This is a really nice video that lays out the ambitions of the project – then, and now – and shares snippets from each of the family foundations contributing to the project.

(And the video itself is proof of my hope that when Juju’s Journey does again make a beeline for the Arctic, Eva will be able to join us as both crew and our official videographer!)

The video does a nice job of showing the epic scale that we’ve been able to accomplish in our program. In all history, only about 1,000 drugs had EVER been tested for efficacy vs rhabdomyosarcoma. In this novel effort, cc-TDI tested 640,000.

As I was saying…it’s a truly epic, 640X advance in scope.

Of these, we’re working with the best one (actually, a small class of very closely related compounds that all had really strong results), which is an easily tolerable drug and has some other great attributes that are so much more appealing than the hell that is going through chemo and then having a kid spend a lifetime dealing with what that treatment did to their still-growing and maturing body.

This is something I hope that you can get excited about. We are! You have a chance to take a part in something where your money can make a tangible difference…you are right here, right at the doorstep! Please take a moment to click on the link below and ring the bell!

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