All of the donations made here on are collected directly by the St. Baldrick’s Foundation. We don’t rely on any of these funds for any of the legs or prep for our journey – that’s on each of the crew members and our extended family of folks working on this project.

We have three categories of donations.  Follow these links to:
1.) MAKE A (GENERAL) DONATION HERE (Goes to a St. Baldrick’s Donation page),
2.) Learn more about the ‘I WANT TO RIDE ALONG’ donation HERE,
3.) Learn about making a CHALLENGE donation HERE.  (Our first challenge is the Karaoke Challenge — Go to the KARAOKE CHALLENGE HERE)

Matching — St. Baldrick’s has matching programs in place with many companies. After you make your donation, St. Baldrick’s will give you a link so you can search to see if your employer is one of them. You will be provided with instructions about what steps are needed to obtain the match from your employer.  (If this is something you can do, please share with your colleagues!)

And if you are the HIGHEST DONOR — After the Journey is over (give or take a few days…we’ve decided on November 3, 2017 as this date), the highest cumulative, individual donor will receive a certificate to attend BMW’s Performance Center (either in Spartanburg, SC or Thermal, CA, take your pick!) for a day of high performance driving school.  This is a terrific benefit and we are very excited to be able to extend this offer to our supporters!  Excerpt about the Ultimate Mixer Program is below:

This unique program starts at noon with the Center’s special lunch. Following lunch you will gather for the official BMW welcome where you will be introduced to the professional driving instructors who will review the afternoon’s three exciting, and challenging, driving sessions-where you are behind the wheel testing your driving skills. The chief instructor will set the day up so that you will have the opportunity to experience a number of BMW models on various sections of the track. Drive a variety of BMW vehicles on the autocross course testing your skills as you brake hard to wind around hairpin turns and with your foot to the floor as you speed down the straightaway; Race against the clock in the slalom area for bragging rights; go off-roading in X3/X5’s to see just what a BMW Sports Activity vehicle can really do; or experience the thrill of driving in the Rat Race on a wet surface with DSC turned off. Following your driving sessions, you are invited to go for a “hot lap taxi ride” with one of the professional driving instructors.

To wrap up the day, you are invited to enjoy a selection of hors d’oeuvres along with assorted beer/wine/sodas before departing.

As of October 24 2017  Juju’s Journey has received donations totaling over $45,000 (including known and forthcoming corporate matches — Thank you Cisco Systems & Boeing!  That’s resulted so far in five shaved heads!)