Challenges (& Headshaving…)

Our first challenge can be found here: Go to the Karaoke Challenge Page

Second Challenge:  Go to the Polar Bear Plunge Challenge

Stay tuned…another challenge, to served up ice cold, is on the way!

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Alright folks…we’d like to have a little fun with the donation process. We invite you — yes, you, the people out there — to be imaginative and contribute to the journey by challenging us to tackle certain undertakings. Make your pledge by contacting and lay down your marker. If the crew accepts we will let you know in an email reply which will contain a link for making your challenge donation(s). We will then post it on this page as an accepted (unfunded) challenge. After we receive the donation(s): we will fulfill the challenge, post images/video, give you credit for the fundraising, and (presumably) acknowledge your creativity. Some ground rules:

  • Chances are we are not going accept a challenge that places us in either mortal or legal peril.
  • Yes, you may call out specific folks (especially if it is Maddog or Maria).
  • Yes, you can expect that something massively embarrassing (or just plain difficult) merits a commensurate contribution.
  • Yes, you can aggregate contributions.
  • Yes, we reserve the right to come up with new rules in order keep from freezing to death, being detained at the border, being eaten by a polar bear, etc…

Oh yeah…the headshaving bit… SBF is pretty (in?)famous for having introduced the idea of structuring fundraisers around mass headshavings. For most folks, it is a hugely symbolic act to shave your head. Sure, for others it’s a matter of conceding to follicular futility, but going bald is a (modest?) way to share the experience with a child who has alopecia from undergoing chemotherapy. You can help and support a patient with love and kindness and caring, but ironically, this is one of the few things you can physically share. We will.

Our plan is to have a member of the crew shave their head for every $10,000 in donations we collect. With luck, we all will have shorn by the end of the Journey. We will post images/video each time.

And no, it’s not exactly optimal to have more extreme haircuts the closer we get to the North Pole, but that’s just how we’ll roll…

‘Challenge Accepted’ — Juju locking up Helena in Braunfels, Germany