I want to ride along!

We sure bet you do.

The idea here is this…maybe you can’t actually join us for every mile of this unnecessarily long Journey, but in exchange for our stories and to support our mission, you would be willing to share a penny (that’s US$ 0.01) for every mile we’ll travel by car, by foot, by kayak, by canoe…pretty much any form of locomotion we manage ourselves (so no flights or commercial boats).  We will also cap the distance at 5,000 miles…which is convenient for us on account of a variety of technical reasons, not the least of which is the absence of enough roads to take us much farther than that in the allotted time, to say nothing of the complexity of building a real-time GPS tracker connected to St. Baldrick’s donations platform that perpetually tabulates donations and manages payments when we get to the Arctic.

It’s a long way to say, help us literally make every mile count, and help make us want to count literally every mile.

While $50 is our suggested Ride Along donation, we welcome a donation of any amount and we are grateful you have decided to ride along.

Please make your MAKE YOUR RIDE ALONG DONATION HERE(Goes to a St. Baldrick’s Donation page)