Why we partner with St. Baldrick’s

There are a variety of reasons why one might pause and ask, so, why do you need to partner with a foundation? They are fair questions, and we want to be as transparent about the reasons as possible.

Your Donations, Used Wisely: Last year St. Baldrick’s made over $22M in grants to fund a variety of programs. They’ve been doing this for over a decade, and they connect both directly with researchers and hospitals, as well as with the Children’s Oncology Group. They have scientific teams who assess the best possible programs for which to award grants to ultimately find cures. When you make a donation, inspired by Juju’s Journey, all of your funding goes directly to St. Baldrick’s – that’s why the Donation pages link to the stbaldricks.org domain. (As a reminder, the Juju’s Journey Crew will fully-self fund our travels. Your donations do not pay for gas, food, flat tires or anything else that we need to get us to Barrow.)  And by the way, St. Baldrick’s funds the best and most worthy research programs (largely based on grant submissions it receives) anywhere in the world — this is an organization promoting international collaboration (even if it started in the US and most submissions are US-based).

Your Donations (and your 2017 Charitable Contributions): Juju’s Journey does not have 501(c)(3) non-profit status, so we needed a partner that is a 501(c)(3) in order to permit your donations to count as a normal charitable contribution. St. Baldrick’s will handle all of the reporting and confirmations and all that good stuff. There are awesome folks at the Foundation who do this for thousands of events each year – they are going to do the best job of managing this process. [Since a couple of us professionally are in the tax and accounting world, it is important for us to mention that nothing stated in this paragraph above – or for that matter anywhere else on this website – constitutes tax advice or any type of tax opinion regarding any known form of tax. It is our opinion, however, with “more likely than not” confidence, that it is a great idea to support our program with the St. Baldrick’s Foundation and help fund the fight against childhood cancer. And yes, that last bit is a really lame bit of tax accountant humor…but we’d really hate for anyone to get the wrong idea, you know…]

Helping to make our program better: While we don’t think that anyone has ever travelled from the Bay Area to Barrow for a cause like this, the folks at St. Baldrick’s are veterans at organizing purposeful programs (with a bit of a wacky side…not only did these guys come up with head shaving as their quintessential event concept, they’ve probably convinced a million or so people to do it, too!) St. Baldrick’s provides us with program and marketing, website, social media and support, as well as insights into how we can take advocacy to higher levels. It’s a really great fit and we hope that you take a look into all of the information in their website and consider supporting them directly over time, too.