While fundraising for cures is important, we also want to spur action on a national, legislative level in a way that will drive change for kids with cancer and for survivors.  Help us lend children the same voice and at least equal resonance in the halls of Congress as some larger groups seeking similar attention for diseases which strike adults.  Children don’t vote and generally can’t organize for themselves — a unified voice is a way to amplify the importance of policies, programs, and research that affects kids with cancer.

There are many ways you can help from home:

— Call (or email) your Members of Congress and tell them that funding for Children with Cancer should be prioritized.  More specifically, ask them to co-sponsor the Childhood Cancer STAR Act, which is the most comprehensive cancer legislation every introduced before Congress. Tell them why … from your heart … even send them to this website.  (If you aren’t sure who your gonna’ call … no, not Ghostbusters … you can also write to them. You can look up your U.S. Senators here or your U.S. Representative here, or just call Congress at (202) 224-3121)

— Join ‘Speak up for Kids’ Cancer,’ the advocacy action network of St. Baldrick’s, to stay informed of legislative issues that are important to childhood cancer patients and survivors, and receive alerts when your help is needed the most.  Click here to register, it takes only a few seconds to join.

— Visit your Members of Congress when they are back home during recess periods.  Yes, we know, this is a big ask, but St. Baldrick’s can also help make these meetings happen … change starts with you!  These are huge statements …  sometimes we make the greatest impact one by one by one.

— Go to DC.  Yes, this is probably the biggest ask, but we want to put it out there to (1) put things in perspective and remind you that the first couple asks are really no biggie, and (2) it’s the kind of thing that really helps.  Not many people outside of the childhood cancer community are aware that childhood cancer is the leading cause of death by disease of kids in the US.  You can help change this by spreading the news through Congress that childhood cancer should be a national priority.  In context, lots of groups go to DC and visit congressional offices to push their various causes.  Anecdotally, children’s cancer advocates are fewer in number, leaving the impression that the cause has less support, which makes us sad.  Juju’s Journey plans to join in DC advocacy efforts during 2018.  Join us!