What we will fund

Juju’s Journey is committed to funding research in cures and prevention for childhood cancer. Rhabdomyosarcoma is a more rare form of cancer, and as such, it gets less attention and funding. It’s impossible to forget that not only did Juliet run out of time, but she essentially ran out of options to stay alive. That story is difficult and complicated, but it is with this in mind that the majority of our initial funding will go towards programs with an RMS-focus. It’s seems hard to believe, but we understand that we can make a real difference within our program’s funding goals — to say nothing if we can exceed them!

The balance of our funding will flow into funding of broader spectrum pediatric cancer research. As we approach our program goal, we will flip this approach, with the majority of the funding then flowing into SBF’s primary grant fund.  Rest assured though, we are focused on funding cures, therapies, prevention, detection — all of these efforts intended to help end childhood cancer!