Our Journey

We cannot pretend to set out on a path of comparable difficulty to Juju’s own journey. We can, however, devise a long and rather onerous journey that will challenge us in different ways. Much like with Juju, we will look for moments to get out of the car, go, do, see, experience, and live fully where we are…ideally with a twist. Each of us is committed to undertake something difficult. It’s not a vacation.

Along the way, we want to do things that would make Juju laugh, that she would enjoy, whether squealing with delight from wind rushing at her (she loved to go really fast), prancing around to view or mimic the wildlife we will doubtlessly encounter, to experience the previously unknown, while wearing pink — whatever we can do to anchor us with the joyous spirit and rascally sense of humor and style she exuded in more ways than I can recall with dry eyes. She will be with us — we will seek to honor her presence among us.

When & Where?

We will travel from Juliet’s home in tranquil Belmont, California, all the way to the Arctic Ocean. It’s an enormously long way to go. We leave on September 7, 2017. Given the time of year, it will be challenging to do it in just over two weeks, and we’ll be desperately hoping to minimize blowouts (or worse) on the frequently terrible roads, while staying on some of those terrible roads built on permafrost, buckled with frost heaves, with the occasional inclement weather, and hopefully not running afoul of large, furry creatures while travelling at dawn or dusk, all while doing our level best to stay on course and drive during the day (which every Alaskan seems to strongly recommend).

If we gave you a detailed itinerary of our odyssey in advance, it might not be quite as exciting. We hope that you will follow us as we post blog entries (hopefully daily…wifi permitting), pictures, video, and whatever else we can muster along the way. We will be tracking our progress on the road with a GPS device. We hope that you will ‘Ride Along With Us’ through a donation to the Juju’s Journey giving portal at the St. Baldrick’s Foundation, but please feel welcome to support us any way you can.

We hope that you share with your friends, family and colleagues and help us share our message. We seek to not only raise funds for pediatric cancer research—there are lots of ways to do this—but also to engage with you in a dialogue about the need for more equitable focus for pediatrics. It’s wrong, seemingly insidious, and we want to do better for children, for families, for society. Please help us do better! Don’t forget Juju’s Journey after we come home and help make a difference whenever or wherever you can take the opportunity to do so.  For more, see our Activism page.

Finally, you can reach out to us by email or in social media comments. We will likely have some limitations communicating as we traverse the continent, so please be patient with us.