Looking back, it is really difficult to know where to begin here…  As Juju’s Journey germinated from the seed of a wild idea and grew into a continental trek with an international cast of characters.  None of this would have been possible with The Crew (who supported and encouraged the mission) and Our Families (who supported us and in some cases possibly encouraged us to go thousands of miles away for awhile 😉

To Yvonne at Cmykstueck…in many ways, this started with her and her own remembrance of our Juju.  Our logo is also by her ‘hand’ and we are so thankful for her marshalling all of the various iterations and interpreting our vision.  To Martin-Man…the impetus for this idea taking flight from a thing of fascination to the subject of action.  To David, who developed the soulful Blue Journey image which lent beauty to our site.

To my Deloitte Family, who understood the Journey and have made a lot of things possible for us along the way.  My own family’s story with Deloitte goes back to the very first days after Juliet’s diagnosis.  The message to us — from the very highest levels and with my project teams — have always been supportive and focused on Juliet’s health.  This is a long and poignant story and we’ve been very lucky and are grateful that they have had our back.

The Doctors, who took time out to talk to our pink-clad crazy selves, answered myriad questions, and welcomed us behind the scenes and into their labs.  Dr. Sabnis at UCSF, whom we are grateful for and has been a source of guidance and support for our family since well before we returned to the US…we only wish the most important part of our story had had a different ending.  Dr. Hawkins at Seattle Children’s and Dr. Keller at cc-TDI, both of whom allowed us to schedule them into the Journey on our unusual itinerary and shared with us their exciting work and optimism.

To Powder Hound T-Shirts and Stumptown Stitch in Whitefish, and Cousin James, for getting us well and apparelized (yes, that is a word now) miraculously before we departed for points North.

To the wonderful Marriott folks at Springhill Suites in Fairbanks and Anchorage and the especially the Residence Inn in Seattle, who opened doors for the Crew on our travels, offered us creature comforts while on the road, and especially Janice West in Seattle, who has taken our mission to heart and is working to bring her Marriott brethren along on the Journey.

To Derek Leonard at BMW, who helped make a terrific prize available [addlink] for our top donor at the end of the program (end October) — we’re so happy to be able to make this available.  Maybe next time we can Journey in one of their SUVs!

And to Handley Cellars, who heard our story a couple weeks before the Journey, empathized deeply with us, and made us leave the premises with a wonderful case of 2012 pinot noir (which we probably technically were not supposed to have in the car, but the danger of discovery is now well past us!)  Fond memories of a great vintage and our thanks from the whole for the whole Crew!