Why we Journey

In other words, why do we want you to care, to donate and to help us make a difference?

You probably see a lot of commercials and drives to raise funds for research, care and support for families.  This is especially prevalent in September, which is the national pediatric cancer awareness month (both in the US and Canada).

You might have the impression that there is loads of funding and that your own contribution might therefore be superfluous.  You might…but you’d be wrong.


96% of federal funding for oncology research goes for adults.

Just 4% for children?  Maybe you are thinking this is because private industry does a better job? Not exactly…

99% of total public and private funding goes to adult oncology.

Maybe this is okay because a bunch of other things are going really well for pediatrics?  Again, not exactly…

In the last 20 years, only three pediatric-specific oncology drugs have been approved.

When you consider that cancer is the #1 killer of children aged 1-14, you really have to wonder how this could happen.  The average adult who dies of cancer loses about 15 years of their life expectancy.  A child?  Approximately 65 years.  On top of that, roughly 2/3 of children who undergo conventional therapies today experience long-term effects from chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and so on.  Most of today’s life-saving therapies are, after all, poisons.

Okay, I get all of this, but ‘Why a Journey,‘ you ask?  It’s a fair question, but understand this…this is a quest, perhaps in the truest sense of the word.  There is a true mission.  It’s an act of honor, an act of love, and perhaps some redemption for thoughts better left unexpressed.  It’s an arduous effort in the process of healing our own broken hearts.  If we can do all of these things, and positively impact the lives of so many families and their cherished children in accomplishing the Journey, the world will be a better place and something good will take place of some of our sorrow.